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Our clinic is the perfect balance of experience, knowledge and skill. Our Doctors and staff are driven to provide the best care possible, whether it’s to increase your athletic performance or to alleviate your pain, new or chronic.

Our Doctors take great pride in keeping their knowledge fresh and current with the newest research and techniques in order to better care for you. However, If our care is not right for you or your injury, we will refer you to someone that can adequately take care of you.


At CORE our main priority is your health. We will go to whatever lengths necessary to relieve your pain and allow you to take back control of your life. Outside of the Adjustment, our staff use many other research proven techniques to insure fast and effective treatment of most musculoskeletal conditions.

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Why Choose Core Wellness?

• Comprehensive Wellness Team including Naturopaths, Psychologists & Movement analysts.

• Experienced in treating kids, adults and seniors

• Distinguished Member of the Alberta College of Chiropractors

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