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Movement Analyst

Janet Kwantes, BSc, BA, CMA is a Certified Movement Analyst through the Laban Institute of Movement Studies, New York City. She has over twenty years of experience teaching science, language, and movement both locally and internationally; currently she makes her home in Sherwood Park, Alberta. At present she teaches group Pilates equipment and matwork classes, facilitates embodied developmental patterning for babies and caregivers, and functional and expressive movement education for artists and laypersons. She teaches experiential anatomy for yoga teacher training programs. Janet has also led numerous movement workshops for runners, athletes, and dancers.
In her private practice, Janet facilitates psychosomatic therapeutic sessions for adults, as well as neuromuscular re-patterning for adults and children, Pilates matwork and equipment instruction for adults and teens, as well as traditional Thai body and traditional Thai foot massage. Janet’s educational background in biology, psychology, dance/movement therapy, and Laban Movement Analysis gives her a unique perspective in exploring the relationship between movement, perception, creativity, and the psyche.

Janet is passionate about people and movement and is particularly interested in the effects of cultural context, language, and perception as they relate to movement. She regularly practises yoga, Traditional Yang-style T’ai Chi Chuan (Solo form and Push Hands), and Pilates.

Benefits of Movement Analysis Sessions:

  • • Helps restore pain-free movement in full range of motion
  • • Helps to improve your sports performance in terms of breath support, balance, increased strength, increased flexibility
  • • Aids rehabilitation after injury and/or joint replacement
  • • Restablishes positive movement patterns for long-lasting gains
  • • Allows you to have more confidence and better alignment
  • • Helps you achieve a deeper mind-body connection

Massage Therapists

Joanne Yannagas RMT, graduated from the 2200 hour program at Grant MacEwan College in 2002. She also completed her Canine Massage Certification in 2015. She has worked in Sherwood Park for most of her career.

Joanne’s main interest has always been working with sports injuries but her clients also include those that suffer from over-use injuries, motor vehicle accidents and general muscle stiffness. Joanne uses Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage, Lymph Drainage, Trigger Point Release, Myofacial Release and Sports Massage techniques.

Shirley Feldmann, B.A. Crim is a Registered Massage Therapist with over 3000 program hours.

  • • Deep Tissue / Therapeutic
  • • Pre Natal
  • • Sports
  • • Orthopedic
  • • Myofascial cupping

Shirely uses combination of therapeutic massage techniques in her practice. The general principal of her massage is to restore balance to the body by whatever means available. Shirley is known for her deep massage and focus on the facia or connective tissue of the body.

Shirley also brings an awareness of the mind body connection to help her clients heal on both a physical and emotional level. Shirley has practiced meditation for over 19 years and has a regular yoga practice and yoga teacher training.


Courtney Wort graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Alberta in 2012 and went on to complete a Master’s of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, also at the University of Alberta, in 2014. During this time, she completed a semester abroad at Leeds University in the United Kingdom as well as a clinical practicum in Auckland, New Zealand.

Courtney is originally from Northern Alberta and moved to Edmonton in 2008 to begin her post-secondary education. A career in physiotherapy had been her goal since high school, after attending physiotherapy for various hockey injuries on many occasions and finding it very effective in getting her back on the ice.

Courtney enjoys treating patients of all ages with various conditions. She uses a variety of manual therapy and needling techniques, including intramuscular stimulation (IMS) and acupuncture, to complement therapeutic exercise in her practise. She is a firm believer in continuing education and is currently taking manual therapy courses to allow her to provide the best treatments to her patients. Courtney takes a holistic approach to treatment and believes that physiotherapists should treat the patient as a whole, not just their condition.

In her spare time, Courtney enjoys playing hockey, running, and loves to travel.

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