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Car Accidents

Did you know?

Accident-With-Two-CarsYour auto insurance covers you for a minimum of 10 chiropractic treatments for minor injuries under the Alberta Diagnostic Treatment Protocols Regulation.

If you have injuries from a car accident in the last 10 days, download the Treatment for Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries form.

Chiropractic treatment for minor injuries is billed directly to your insurance company. You do not have to submit receipts for reimbursement. Make sure you tell your chiropractor that you were injured in a car accident so they will fill out the forms to have your treatment costs covered.

In addition, every Albertan is entitled to $750 of chiropractic care coverage for more serious injuries (under Section B), but access to these benefits varies based on your auto policy.


Work Injuries

Were you or someone you know injured at work?

Rear-View-Of-A-Young-Man-HoldiFor almost 10 years, chiropractic treatment has had the highest satisfaction rates among injured workers.

If you are hurt at work, you can go straight to a chiropractor for treatment. The WCB does not require you to see a medical doctor first.

Chiropractic is demonstrated to be one of the most clinically and cost-effective methods of treating many work-related injuries.

A chiropractor can submit assessment information to the WCB for review and to determine the outcome of your claim. For information on how to access WCB coverage, visit the WCB website.

To begin your claim, completely fill out this form and present it to the office staff at your first appointment.

Car Accidents

Work Injuries

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